Our Vision

Our Vision is to see individual hearts set ablaze with a fresh passion to personally “Go Love Others Well”; To see teams of people mobilized, creatively using their skills, talents and resources to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others all over the world; and To see the ones we serve also ignited and effectively launched into their destiny to GLOW as well!

What Compels Us…

The first recorded words of God in scripture are “Let there be light.”

The last recorded words of Jesus are, “Go into all the world, making disciples of all nations…”

The greatest commandment Jesus gave to sum up God’s will was for us to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength…and secondly to love others as we love ourselves.

May our lives GLOW within the full scope of God’s dream and mandate. May we BE the light and spread across the globe by way of our love, fueled by Him, the Source of love!



GLOW initiates projects and builds teams of people to carry out our mission in various areas of the world, both domestically and internationally. In 2018, our GLOW Mission Ukraine project is aimed at evangelism to orphans, discipleship for orphan grads, and networking for opportunities to meet the practical and physical needs for orphan grads.


GLOW develops resources, programs and initiatives that ignites individuals, groups of people and outreach programs in fresh ways to help them GLOW brighter as believers. “GLOW Clubs” for kids and “GLOWing Older” groups for seniors connect participants with our community.


GLOW Productions is the creative arm of GLOW that produces and creatively presents the gospel with creative talents, skills and resources to meet the spiritual needs of others. We create and produce plays, short films and other media to serve as a vehicle to inspire people to GLOW through its messages and creative content.


The GLOW global prayer initiative is a way to engage believers to pray for specific people, places and projects. We serve to ignite a passion to propel completion of Great Commission through our greatest tool and weapon, prayer!


GLOW promotes and partners with ministries that share our goal of loving well, knowing that through collaboration and unity among believers, we please the Father and further our cause to ignite and launch all the more lives into their destinies.


Through events, speaking, media and our online presence, GLOW creatively shares its biblical mandate and mission in ways that inspire individuals and champion other like-minded ministries.


GLOW Giving is the financial partnership and sponsorship arm of The GLOW Mission. Through individual “GLOW Givers,” organizational giving, project sponsors, and other funding efforts, we desire to partner with people who are wired to invest in eternity and want to join the adventure and build the Kingdom together!