The GLOW Mission is continuing to focus on Ukraine where will are continuing in our work with orphan graduates, those who have been emancipated from orphanages and are now on their own in a country with a broken economy and is at war.

We are developing a sponsorship program for these 16-21 year olds who have no family and become easy prey to criminals and those in sex-trafficking. The statistics show that 60% of female orphan grads in Ukraine become prostitutes and 70% of male orphans end up in prison. The suicide rate is daunting as well.

Our Mission Grows

In October we are sending a team from America to to join our Ukrainian team to establish a proposed life-skills program in an orphanage and with the young adults who just aged out. Our team will do a life-skills camp in the orphanage, (along with children’s ministry with the younger kids) and 2 life-skills workshops in 2 cities in Eastern Ukraine with our orphan graduates. They will also offer a Back2Back trauma training for adult Ukrainians who have adopted or work with orphans. 

For this trip we need resources to make this big new step in training possible. Would you consider giving to help cover the expenses of this very crucial trip and step we are taking in helping these young adults overcome the trauma of their lives and develop into productive citizens who can “give back” and GLOW as well? That is our aim…and what compels us. We believe God is going to use one of our kids to change this nation! What a worthy, eternal investment!

If you can be part of our mission at this time, we would love for you to join us by helping to send us!