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The GLOW Mission

GO LOVE OTHERS WELL. This is the mission and mandate of GLOW, to ignite lives and launch destinies through a personal investment of love in the people we encounter all over the world. Our work is both domestic and international, always seeing "the one" in front of us and caring for them in practical, emotional and spiritual ways. Our call is to children and families, domestically, creating an atmosphere through our Camp GLOW creative classes, family events and community gatherings where hearts are strengthened and turned towards each other in family and to God. Internationally, we have served orphans, widows and the needy in Ukraine since 2016 and sponsored many programs for war relief since the current war invasion in 2022. Our call is the unique, practical and wonderful life giving ways. And we invite you to GLOW with us, spread the light and love of God through your gifts, talents and resources and experience the "most excellent way" and a joyful journey as you Go Love Others Well.

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Camp GLOW is a community of believers with a heart to equip generations of leaders who love Jesus fully and are ready to spread His love all over the world. Our camp is on 32 acres of wooded land north of Charlotte in Kannapolis, NC where we launched in 2023 with classes and gatherings for the community around us. This is a camp for all generations of God’s kids to walk in wonder and discover the delight of being His sons and daughters.


How it all started…

The GLOW Mission began with a prayer and one “yes.” In 2015, the Drapers were…

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GLOW on the Ground in Crisis

Take a glimpse at what our team is able to do in Ukraine through your support!

“GLOW is good night sleep, good food and kind people.”

Kostya Ukrainian Orphan Refugee in Romania

“GLOW for me is family.”

Tanya B Ukrainian Orphan Refugee in Romania

“We express our deep gratitude to the GLOW organization for the assistance provided, for the valuable attention. May good health return to you, with generous helping hands at the right time…”

Natasha Ukrainian Refugee from Mauripol in GLOW Home Romania

GLOW is truly doing what it stands for, loving other people. And I am one of those people. Loved, supported, cared, encouraged, inspired beyond what I could have imagined.”

Yulia Kens Ministry Partner from YWAM Kyiv
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What OTHERS Say About GLOW

Hear from our aged-out orphans, refugees, team
members, and ministry partners about how GLOW has affected their lives.