“Thank you very much for the support, for the love, for the food, for the bed, and for the house.  And also for the warmth that you give us.”  

Ukrainian Orphan Refugee in Romania

The GLOW mission for me is not just a mission, it is my second family in which I feel trust, love and respect.  The GLOW Mission helps me grow in my calling and inspire others to grow spiritually in the Lord.”  

Maksim Dyomkin
GLOW Team Member, Minister to “Babushkas”/widow ministry

 “GLOW has become a trusted mission partner in Ukraine.  Their relational Kingdom approach fosters much needed collaboration and unity!”  

Bruce Crowe
Ministry Partner, Mir Ministries

“What does GLOW mean to me?  I’ll say it’s not just words, it’s actions that have paid off for me personally.  On those days when you feel bad, they are the first to come to help and support you.  In general, GLOW is not just about material support as many might think, it’s spiritual and moral support.”

Max Panarin
Aged out orphan grad, worked with since 2016

“No one is able to know when that true moment will come, for the sake of which we are on this earth.  The only thing we can know is that it must happen.  And I think when GLOW affected my life, then I got closer to that moment”

Diana Fedorenko
Aged out orphan, worked with since 2016, Now Bible teacher with Youth With A Mission

“My journey with GLOW started in 2016 when I met Dar, she was just thinking about GLOW. The biggest gift that GLOW gave me are two amazing partners and friends in life that were with me and my family through hard and happy moments , it is Dar and Andrew! Also GLOW has given me many “kids” that became part of my life. GLOW taught me how to love well and I know there is much more to learn.”

Tanya Kurilo
GLOW Team member since 2016

“One of the most significant things I’ve seen since I’ve started working with GLOW Mission, was how it helps everyone who meets it to grow.  Personally I am a totally different person in comparison to who I was before GLOW happened in my life, cause God’s love can’t leave you without changes.”

Timothy S.
GLOW team/personal assistant in Ukraine

“Thanks to GLOW my life has changed.  The most important change is that I have invited God in my life.  Also I met wonderful people…thanks to GLOW that gave me a possibility to go for a project. I’m thankful to God that He wanted me to know Him and to love Him.  I’m very thankful to Dar and all people who participate in this organization. Because of you, people’s lives change.” 

Artur Fedorenko
Aged out orphan/GLOW intern summer 2021

“GLOW is a family. These are people who first think not about themselves but about other people.  I know this like no one else because I myself am part of this God’s family.  This organization has done a lot for me.  They have always supported, believed, loved, and from my side it’s all mutual.  Love these people and GO LOVE OTHERS WELL with us!”

Bogdan Karabits
Aged out orphan/GLOW intern summer 2022, worked with since 2016