About Us

GLOW is on a mission to change lives through love! We desire to do the “greatest” things by fulfilling the Great Commission, GOING into all the world & making disciples… through the Greatest Commandment, LOVING God and others.

About Us

Meet the Drapers

Dar and Andrew Draper founded The GLOW Mission in 2017, but have been on a mission to “go love others well” together throughout their 3 decades of marriage.  Both had a passion for working with children before they married in 1992, became classroom teachers, developed creative arts camps and classes, then served together as children’s pastors for 10 years. Dar is an author and playwright and Andrew is an artist, avid sportsman and carpenter. Their heart for children expanded internationally with the decision to host an orphan from Ukraine during Christmas 2015. Now they find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime, encouraging others to join them in their mission to GLOW. They have 5 children, Bailey, Graham, Grayson, Anna Hope and Sasha.  They currently make their homebase in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina.

About Us

Meet The Team

Tony and Lauren Wagoner
Camp GLOW Pastor and Director
Glow Missionaries

Serving our families, children and community locally at Camp GLOW in NC.

Sergey and Vika Lysak
GLOW Partners, Rebuilding Coordinators

Serving in Ukraine with emergency relief,  food packages, and leading teams that are building and restoring homes.

Maksim Dyomkin
GLOW Team Member, Director of Elderly Care

Serving “babushkas,” widows and elderly, in the Chernobyl region with food and care. Also, distributing food and overseeing rebuilding efforts throughout Ukraine

Martha Pell
Administrative Director

Serving the organizational needs of GLOW domestically and internationally through communications, project management assistance, and running GLOW’s homebase stateside office.

Igor Baidak and Oleg Grinkov
GLOW Partners, Directors of Odessa Outreach

Serving the Odessa region through evacuations, humanitarian aid and spiritual support.


“There are only two things of eternal value…God and people. Invest your lives in that.”

The GLOW Mission began with a prayer and one “yes.” In 2015, the Drapers were serving as children’s pastors and prayed, “Lord, give us more of a heart for kids in the world.”  That prayer was answered with an opportunity to host a 16 year old orphan from Ukraine at Christmastime. Sasha quickly became part of the Draper family, warming their hearts and opening their minds to the reality of life as an orphan. Meeting Sasha sparked the passion that led to the start of The GLOW Mission.

In 2016, Dar and Andrew started making trips to Ukraine, visiting orphanages and learning about the orphan crisis.  After meeting Sasha’s friends and learning about the staggering statistics of what happens when orphans age out of the orphanage system, (click here to learn more) the Draper’s were compelled to “do more.” GLOW was officially launched as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2017. Initially its projects centered around the aged out orphans or “grads,” aiding them in developing life skills, creating opportunities and connections for them, and just “being family.” The GLOW team helped them navigate the obstacles of adult life in a country recovering from the effects of communism, where opportunities were scarce and the “stigma” against orphans was strong.

As GLOW stands for “Go Love Others Well,” the scope of GLOW’s work has expanded to include care for widows and needy elderly in Ukraine, and now encompasses the vision to restore hope by restoring homes damaged and destroyed during the war and caring for refugees.  GLOW continues to work with our orphan grads, giving them opportunities to “give back” and love well as they have been loved.

We have also expanded our work domestically with the launch of Camp GLOW so we can ignite others with a passion to use their gifts and talents to “Go Love Others Well” in their world.

Mission: To Go Love Others Well, igniting lives and launching destinies to see the ones we serve also ignited and effectively launched in their destiny to GLOW as well.

Vision: To set individual hearts ablaze with a fresh passion to personally “Go Love Others Well.” To mobilize teams of people, creatively using their skills, talents and resources to meet the physical and spiritual needs of others all over the world…

G – Go…to go into all the world and do your part to fulfill the Great Commission

L – Love…to be motivated by the Greatest Commandment in all you do

O – Others…to love beyond yourself and develop a greater passion for people

W – Well…to love with excellence, utilizing your interests, passions, ideas, talents

and resources to love God and others to the best of your ability

The first recorded words of God in scripture are “Let there be light.”

The last recorded words of Jesus are, “Go into all the world...”

The greatest commandment Jesus gave to sum up God’s will was for us to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength…and secondly to love others as we love ourselves…

May our lives GLOW within the full scope of God’s dream and mandate. May we BE the light and spread across the globe by way of our love, fueled by Him, the Source of love.

A look at how GLOW started

Your Family

We know that the Great Commission starts at home with “your family.” It is our longing to lead families into a deeper love of Jesus and each other through our family discipleship trainings, glow kids clubs and family events. As families learn and grow together, there is a greater impact in reaching our neighbors and world.

Your Neighbor

We are loving our “neighbors” and local community at GLOW’s domestic base, Camp GLOW at Cedar Grove in Kannapolis, NC. Camp GLOW is a beautiful 32-acre wooded retreat where we host creative classes, workshops and community events for our “neighbors” to grow in a culture of kindness and love.

Your World

We love our “world” through our international team in Ukraine and the orphans, widows and poor they care for. GLOW funds special “heart projects” for those in dire need of physical, emotional, or spiritual care. GLOW’s work began with one orphanage in Ukraine, and has now spread to aid orphans and widows throughout Ukraine and in many surrounding countries. We desire to share God’s love with His children all over the world!