Supporting aged-out orphans as they serve those around them.

Fund a grant to “patron” one of our aged out orphans as they serve in a GLOW project and use their time and talents to “GO LOVE OTHERS WELL”. It is our desire to empower our orphan grads to serve those around them and find fulfillment in giving back to those in need. Overseen by GLOW Team member, Tanya Kurilo, they will partner with local humanitarian organizations who are serving Ukrainians during this time. Our application process for each grad will ensure they are using their time and resources in the best way possible. The grants will provide for basic needs of each participating orphan grad.

Why we serve orphan grads: GLOW started in response to the orphan crisis, as we saw how kids ages 16-18 were dismissed from institutional living and ill-equipped to handle the challenges of adult life without the aid of family. The following statistics propelled us to do something to help:

The Frightening Truth about the Orphan Crisis

Orphans that are not adopted and aged out of the system are left to fend for

themselves. Left alone, orphans who age-out of the orphanage system at ages 15 -18, can fall prey to horrific statistics:

– 60% of females end up in prostitution
– 70% of males end up incarcerated
– 10% commit suicide by the age 18

The average life expectancy of an orphan grad is 30 years old.

These children lack the most basic needs


When aging out, most orphans are released with limited government support for a short period, then left to fend for themselves for the first time on their own.

Life Skills

Orphans aging-out lack even the simplest life skills such as using cookware and shopping for themselves.


In a struggling Ukraine economy, most orphans have great difficulty finding a job and contributing to society.


Most orphans are abandoned at a very young age and have no known family in the outside world.

Our GLOW team has been journeying with orphan grads since 2016, helping them to evade these statistics.  Our grant program is one more step in encouraging independence while still supporting these grads with what they need to survive.

Suggested Sponsorship:  $50-$5000 one time gift or ongoing monthly.

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