Restoring or replacing war-damaged homes of homeless elderly and families with new windows and roofs or prefab modulars.

There has been great devastation and destruction that has come to the innocent people of Ukraine during this war.  Residential houses have been bombed and left in ruin. Our partners and team, led by Sergey Lysak, are committed to the rebuilding of Ukraine, and we are starting now in current non-war zones with repairing roofs, windows and other structural needs that ensure proper shelter from the elements. Your ongoing support to provide these construction materials will rebuild not only homes; It will rebuild Ukrainian families and their faith in fellow man.

You can give to purchase supplies as listed below, or sponsor a whole house.  Sponsorships:

  • Electric Stove Top $40
  • Kitchen Sink $50 
  • Electric Heater $80
  • Kitchen Cabinets $100
  • Mattress and Bedding $150
  • Replacement Window $100
  • Replacement Double Window $200
  • Roof Repair $2,500
  • Tiny Home $3,000 (with delivery and installation)

Any amount given to this project fund will go towards repairing, rebuilding and restocking homes.

Give now : Rebuilding Homes